expecto patronum

i like owls, harry potter, taking pictures, and music; firetrucks, tacos, you and some other stuff too.

oh hey there. this is my really bad blog. soon enough ill write an entertaining something or other to put here. ive been through a lot in my life but i dont think its everyone’s business to know all about it. im not here for a popularity contest. tumblr is where i go to express what i like and whats on my mind without being a burden to the people around me and without being judged. so if youre here to hate, you might as well leave now. 
ive got a pretty big heart and i love helping people so even if weve never talked at all or if we talk everyday and you need anything just drop it in my ask box and ill do my best to help.
…or if you have anything else to ask or tell me id love to hear that too even if its completely random. i love random stuff (: 

im a pretty complicated person who does her best to seem simple and normal to the people around her and i dont really know how else to explain myself so for now, here are some things that define me and my life:

music. theatre. the besties. harry potter. photography. pizza my heart. skating. thin mints. owls. swimming. puzzles. nutella. guys who like to sing. movies. life. music. individuality. walks on the beach… sometimes alone. cooking. photobooth. roadtrips. sunsets. rupert fricken grint. rollerblading. bagpipes. old cars. music. chilis. football sundays. previews. the perfect lighting. ping pong. free dress days. music. ramen. thunder and lightning. tech. travel(ing). potato bar. climbing trees. textsfromlastnight. power tools. cheesy movies. holographic stuff. foreign accents. death frisbee. asian candy. weird faces. the ocean. building forts. unicorns. notes passed in class. otter pops. driving. loud music. skinny jeans. band camp. food. the way the mist gathers on a meadow. music. bmx. sneezing pandas. steel strings. trains. those texts your friends send you just because they love you that make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. silence. swimming. the sound of a shutter shutting. green stuff. intelligence. myo. faded wallpaper and chandeliers. strumming. windy days. national geographic photo of the day. witty comments. that one guy. motocross. planes. silent movies. the feeling of jeans that have been hung outside to dry. brownies the size of your face. house concerts. inside jokes. kittens. sour candy. spanglish. poetry. firetrucks. rainy days. motorcycles. bumper stickers. playing sweet and sour. whispered secrets. walls covered in graffiti. mailboxes shaped like animals. friendship bracelets. pirate ships. fishing. waving at truckers til they honk their horns. hearing someone smile while theyre singing. the smell of old books.

brownie points for reading this far.